About us?

We do produce offset and digitally printed corrugated cardboard display and packaging with our state of the art machines since 1982.Our 15.000m2 plant with warehouse established at European side of Turkey 30 minutes away from Ataturk Airport.     We do structurel design,visual design,digital printed mockup preparation and we have CTP workshop in house.We do offset print up to 105cm * 145cm ,6 colors+varnish, UV Varnish, Spot Varnish, Glossy and Matte OPP are also available.We have litho laminators and diecutters ,3 & 4 point ,special display gluing systems with hot and cold glue applications are also available.      We offer quick and easy solutions to our multinational customers with reasonable prices.We also offer display assembling ,fullfilment services and distribution to our customers with very fast delivery options. Our company is a member of "Paper-Carton Packaging Industry Association (KASAD)" which is a member of "European Carton Makers Association (ECMA)".


1. Capacity, quality by following technological developments
And increasing speed to reduce material usage
Using technologies,

2. Customer's requests with timely production, reasonable price, reliable quality
to create an outstanding customer portfolio and
to establish long-term solid relationships,

3. Use resources efficiently and control environmental impacts

4.We hope that our employees and stakeholders will
To be informed and informed / to make contribution,

5. In compliance with all environmental legislation, environmental performance
Continuous improvement and development of make,

6. Measures to prevent environmental accidents that may occur receive,

7. By controlling the factors that may cause environmental pollution,
The pollution and the harm that we will give to the environment,

8. Our packaging and promotional products and our customers' economic business
to increase its volumes so as to contribute to the country's economy,

9. Continuous improvement and improvement in all our activities
To apply it as a basic work format,

Our Basic Environment and Quality Policy.

1. Following the technological developments related to our field of activity, use,

2. In compliance with all OHS legislation, to improve and develop the project,

3. In accordance with OHS legislation and other requirements related to OHS,
To keep the equipment, tools and personal protective equipment, if necessary
To use,

4. Taking necessary precautions to prevent job accidents that may happen to the fair,

5. Determine the risks that may cause work accidents and occupational diseases in the workplace,
to ensure the health, safety and social welfare of employees,
Our risk to reduce all kinds of material and moral losses that may arise.
to keep it under control,

6. To educate our employees in the field of occupational health and safety and to
Security awareness,

In this respect, the continuity of our OHS Management System, which has been established and
We commit ourselves as an OHS policy.